Digital Culture Analysis

1.Identify a specific issue regarding digital practices in Hong Kong.
2.Provide at least two screenshots of online interaction that would demonstrate this issue. Embed these
screenshots in the discussion (Fig.1, Fig. 2, etc.) and use them as data, analyzing linguistic and semiotic
features to
3.Discuss how this issue evolved and how it is linked to specific material (device, platform design, etc.),
economic, historical and cultural realities.
I will provide more information in the “files”. Please try to read the powerpoints and use the professional terms
in the course to write. I will also attach some readings. It is not necessary to cite them but you can read them to
have a better idea on what the course is about. Please also read the grading criteria and expectations. Full
instructions are in the file “3. ENGE3960.8 Slides. Digital labour and the disruption of industries”

Sample Solution