Digital tool: exploring the perspective of students toward the support platform ‘Bingel’

  1. what do you do on Bingel, practice english, math, play gamification, Youtube, listen to music, others?can be asked.
  2. what do you feel when you use Bingel, working alone or when the teacher guildes you, other?
  3. Do you prefer to use Bingel to practice English or do you prefer the teacher to teach you, others?
    The research question and the questionaire should be tailored to suit age range of the students. The feeback from the supervisor will come next week after submission.
    I will do the survey and bring back the result to you.

Otherwise, the entire paper is 25 pages in total.
The 25 pages should include:
the abstract,
research questions,
previous research work in the area,
design/selections, empirical materials
data analysis, processes and interpretation.
results, conclusion and discussion.

Sample Solution