Dilemmas Encountered by Hospice Workers

Read the article, Dilemmas Encountered by Hospice Workers When Patient’s Wish to Hasten Death.
Answer the questions below:
What specifically did the “Oregon Death with Dignity Act” allow physicians to do to hasten the end of their patient’s life?
What elements are needed for the physician to engage in PAS? (eg. Specifically what on the patient’s part and then the physician side?)
Describe the two phases of this study:
Which demographic variables were included in phase I of the study?
Why did only 22% of the nurses respond to the survey? Is it valid when it is such a low percentage respond?
What is VRFF and how does it relate to PAS?
What kind of dilemmas were discovered during the study? (name five)
What kinds of discussions were initiated due to the presence of ODDA?
What type of dilemmas (name three) and discuss what problems it introduced?
What were the differences perceived between VRFF and PAS?
What kind of research in the future is available due to questions that were generated due to this study?

Sample Solution