Disaster Recovery Plan

The “vila health assignment” that is mentioned in the instructions refers to :
A train has just derailed in the community, causing a range of casualties. First responders are on site and are
relaying information to you via remote communication systems from across town. You are responsible for
determining how your team should prioritize incoming casualties. You activate the disaster response system at
your hospital, only to realize that you are short-staffed due to a recent flu outbreak. Nurses without ED
experience have been reassigned to the ED from other units.
Disaster Recovery Plan
Professional Context
Nurses perform a variety of roles and their responsibilities as health care providers extend to the community.
The decisions we make daily and in times of crisis often involve the balancing of human rights with medical
necessities, equitable access to services, legal and ethical mandates, and financial constraints. In the event of
a major accident or natural disaster, many issues can complicate decisions concerning the needs of an
individual or group, including understanding and upholding rights and desires, mediating conflict, and applying
established ethical and legal standards of nursing care. As a nurse, you must be knowledgeable about disaster
preparedness and recovery to safeguard those in your care. As an advocate, you are also accountable for
promoting equitable services and quality care for the diverse community.

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