Analytic Essay. You need to write a five-page analytic essay on a specific issue in criminal justice ethics. In your essay, you may follow Shaw and his model in Conspicuous and inconspicuous Discrimination in Everyday Life (https:/Avww.routledge.com/Conspicuous-and-Inconspicuous-
Discrimination-in-Everyday-Life/Shaw/p/book/9780415840842; you may use your CSUN User ID and Password to gain access to the full text at Oviatt Library). Specifically, you need to (a) dwell on a specific “crime or criminal justice” case or issue in America; (b) identify the discriminator and his or her discriminatory acts in the case; (c) pinpoint any possible victim and his or her victimization experiences in the case; (d) explore social factors and forces underlying the discrimination in the case and its escalation, alleviation, or continuation; and (e) fetch from the case some sociologicalknowledge and insights for general understanding.https: //ebookcentral.proquest.comilib/csun/detail.action?docID=1221528
here is access to the text above, log in info if needed: vaa55714 armen13! (please keep confidential)

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