Discussion Board: Art Troves

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In this discussion board, we will explore the sometimes-tense relationship between art and religion. Since the dawn of civilizations, and emergence of early forms of worship, art and religion became intertwined in powerful ways to bring – or reject – visual representations of the unknown. There are countless examples, one that comes to mind is the role of art within the Catholic Church. For thousands of years painters, sculptors, tapestry weavers, etc. have worked serving of the church creating exquisite narratives as visual aids in communicating church teachings for a vast population of believers. Yet, there have been instances of destruction of art after being considered against the Catholic dogma. With this in mind let’s read about other examples.

Read: 1. Read the essay on Iconoclasm on page 54 in the textbook. The essay is titled THINKING ABOUT ART – ICONOCLASM. Find the definition of the term iconoclasm.

2. Read the article on the ISIS destruction of the ancient city of Palmyra. Take notes one your response to what is happening in Syria.



1. In a three-hundred-word essay include the definition of iconoclasm. Address some of the issues around the destruction of religious images such as the ramification of stolen art on the black market. 1) should we even bother/attempt to stop the destruction of these works of art and architecture? If so, who should be responsible for the safeguarding of this cultural sites and objects? 2) Do you think we should care about what’s going on in Syria? Does it even matter? Why or why not? (80 points)






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