Discussion board (Criminology. Digital Forensics)


Two discussion boards. One for Criminology. Second one for Digital Forensics.

DB1. At least 250 words. Digital Forensics.
Using any of the types of computer crimes in chapter 2, (Identity Theft, Hacking, Cyber-stalking and Harassment, Fraud, Non-Access computer crimes, and Cyber-terrorism), find a real world scenario, or make one up, that features a type of crime for one of those scenarios. For example if you choose Hacking, find or make up a scenario in which the bad guy used SQL injection to commit a crime.

This initial post should be 250 words or more. So if you find a real-world example, summarize it in your own words, and if you make up a scenario, you may need to do some additional research to make sure it is realistic and has enough detail. Please do not use the examples given in the book, but use them as a guide.

DB2. Criminology. Minimum 600 words.
This week’s reading provides overview of the research on biological and psychological perspectives, as well as discusses strain and culture deviance theories. After reviewing the reading for week 2, as well as the week 2 discussion articles in the lesson for this week, discuss/debate with your classmates your position pertaining to biological and psychological perspectives of explaining crime. Also, examine at least one theory from the assigned reading that explain crime and articulate why you either strongly agree or disagree with it.

Sample Solution