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I believe that Gordon’s statement regarding men and the satisfaction they achieve through a job, and women reaching that same satisfaction from staying at home was true at one point in time but is outdated as of now. Many men do still need to be satisfied through their work as to uplift their ego and reputation. Women however, no longer just get satisfaction by keeping a home and being a stay at home mother. Many women now days are putting their career first before beginning a family, and have an ego much larger than women from previous eras. According to the book An Occupational Perspective of Health it states that women having an increased opportunity for occupational doing has made improvements to morbidity and mortality among other statistics such as reduced birth rate from women stepping out into the workforce. There are many benefits to women being not only in the workforce but also as leaders in the workforce such as financial performance, economic growth, offering more diversity and creating more ideas for continued success (Chisholm-Burns, Spivey, Hagemann & Joesphson, 2017). Another aspect of this statement being outdated is due to the ever-changing gender roles. Men are expected to be more in attendance with family and split the parenting role more equally with their counterparts. Based on an article about gender roles and work-family conflicts it states that men being work driven is still good for their well-being (Hergatt, Olson, O′Gara Jr, & King (2014). However, with societal changes work is not the only responsibilities they are held accountable for and this can create a conflict within family dynamics.

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