Discussion: More About Empathy

“Capt. Buddy Davis at local hospital in P” (CC BY 2.0) by The U.S. Army

Visit the Permanente Journal’s Fall 2003 issue (Vol. 7, No. 4) and read the following brief article:
• “An Overview of Empathy” by James T Hardee, MD.
Start a discussion about the article considering the following topics:
Discuss the article in relation to what you have read so far this week. There is an interesting description of the origin of the term “empathy.” Reflect upon this. What specific interviewing skills does the article reference in relation to expressing empathy? Discuss the how empathy differs from sympathy. Note any other points of interest to you.
You must refer to what you read in the text.
Please post your initial comment (2-3 short paragraphs at the beginning of the discussion week), and then return to the discussion area 2 more times (middle and end) during the discussion week to briefly comment, as appropriate, on what other students have posted.
It is not necessary to comment on the postings of every student but you should respond to those that seem particularly interesting to you or where more clarification is needed.

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