Disparities in Health and Health Care

Here is one of your Topic 2 Resources: Read
“HHS Action Plan to Reduce Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities: A Nation
Free of Disparities in Health and Health Care,” located on the U.S.
Department of Health and Human Services – Office of Minority Health website.


In addition to discussing the role of
unconscious bias, discrimination, and structural racism in health care, it is
important to consider what can be done to change it. In this document, the HHS
outlines their action plan. I encourage you to review it, and reflect here.

Main Question

Why do certain population
groups experience differences in care? Discuss the role of unconscious bias,
discrimination, and structural racism in health care. Describe how these
factors contribute to health disparities and health outcomes. Discuss how
determinants of health, such as political, social, or economic factors also
contribute to health outcomes. 275 words.

How did the fraud get started?

  1. How did the fraud get started? Who started it (name and title)? Who in the accounting department was brought into the fraud (names and jobs)? Why did they go along?
  2. What was said or done to discourage Cynthia Cooper from pursuing answers to the suspicious journal entries that her staff had found? Why do you think she had the confidence to pursue the matter?
  3. Are you surprised at what Cynthia Cooper’s grandfather said about investing in education for a girl? What issues did Cynthia encounter at social events related to her being a woman?
  4. What broad economic factors set the stage for Bernie Ebbers to grow a company like LDDS (which eventually became WorldCom) so quickly?
  5. Who is Jack Grubman and what role did he play in LDDS’s (which eventually became WorldCom) growth?
  6. What was the culture like at WorldCom? How did it reflect Bernie Ebbers’ personality? Why is the organizational culture of interest to auditors?

Sample Solution