Distance Learning

Assuming that the number of newly infected cases and deaths of COIVD19 reached a flatten point at that time and the vaccines are started to be administered to students and teachers. Schools will reopen but probably in a very different way than what has normally been done.

Propose a model of a learning environment for the Intro to Engineering Design (IED) class that would provide students successful learning experience while still honoring the social distancing and safe practice.

• There are about 3 sections of IED with 32 students each.
• Students will have instant challenges, hands-on activities, team projects, individual assignments besides the lessons.
• They will also learn technical drawings, 3D modeling using an auto CAD software that is free for them to download and works with both PC and Mac.
• Students need to be at least 6 feet apart from one another, must wear some personal protective equipment (PPE)
• Budget (imaginary) is $10,000.
• The classroom size is approximately 20 ft x 40 ft x 10 ft and has 2 doors. Currently desktop computers are placed on the counters along 3 of the 4 walls around the room. There are 8 tables for group work in the middle of the room, each table can seat 4 students. All chairs and tables are on wheels.
• The design could be all virtual learning, all classroom, or a combination of both.
• Your model can be a drawing, a CAD design, a physical built structure, or a combination of those. You may use color pencils & markers, 3D model software, construction paper, lego, playdough, toy figures, cardboard, popsicle sticks, any materials available to you.
• Schedule, length of the class period, class size, and safety protocols are parts of the design.

A video presentation, of about 3 to 4 minutes, with the narration of details of the learning environment design, and the description and reason/purpose of each of its features.
• Design: 30 points (at least 5 detailed features with reason)

Sample Solution