Distribution of health services from the perspective of policy formulation

Develop a position on the equitable distribution of health services from the perspective of policy formulation, implementation or modification using the text book guidance and policy brief outline guidance provided in the syllabus as a framework.

Case study: an uninsured patient has chest pain and goes to the ED. The pain turns out to be heartburn.

In a two page paper, describe your position on the ethical dilemma presented by this uninsured patient. Does the right to health care include society paying for the visit to the emergency department? Who is actually paying? Should the patient be advised to come into the emergency department if he/she is uninsured and wealthy? If he/she is uninsured and poor?

• Essentials of Health Policy and Law- 4th edition Sara E. Wilensky and Joel B. Teitelbaum
• Population Health Policy Edited by Christine Cardinal

Suggested approach to health issues policy analysis and outline for the issue briefs. This is
provided as a guideline only. Feel free to depart from the outline as you wish:
 Summary of the problem or problems that pose a health policy challenge
Policy Alternatives:
 Policy options which have been considered and/or adopted and/or will likely be considered
in the future
 Relevant processes: congressional, executive, judicial, non-governmental
 Forces: economic, political, social, ethical
 Relevant players: interest groups (“self-interests” and “noble interests”), lobbyists, elected
officials, press, legislative staff, public agencies, private sector, other
 Tactics and strategies that have and will likely be applied to achieving the optimal policy in
the political arena
 Prediction of likely policy outcomes or changes in the next five years
 Your views on the optimal policy outcomes or changes in the short term and five years in
the future and your rationale for your views
 Effective approaches to achieving the optimal policy outcome consistent with your views

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