Divine Providence Trust

Write a paper on a major theological theme or topic of
your choice that flows throughout the Old Testament. This paper should concentrate on the importance of
the role this theme/topic plays in the Bible, the identification and discussion of the biblical verses where
this theme/topic is manifested, and finally and most importantly, how it impacts and informs your life,
personally, as a Christian (in other words, how does the topic/theme you have chosen impact your spiritual
life). The goal of this assignment is to have you prayerfully consider an issue or topic in your own life that
you need to wrestle through, grapple with it in light of our semester working through the OT, and then
capture your reflections in writing.
Some of the topics that you could write about include, but are not limited to, the following:
Faith Mission(s) Prophecy Obscurity Dishonesty
Leadership Free Choice/
Divine Providence Trust
Care for the
Idolatry Memorial/Remembra
nce Obedience Praise/Prayer Sexual Purity/
Sin Judgment Unbelief Failure
Worship Suffering/Pain Persecution Fear
Holiness Wisdom Family Humiliation &









































































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