DMT2 Self management education program for Hispanics


Instructions to writer ,
This section is a continuation of my introduction and it should flow since I am conducting a project on this topic. This section includes 5 pages APA format with at least 7-8 references .The most important section is not to repeat the information stated in my Introduction more over synthesize the research results and find EBP that supports my project, find below the instructor instructions. I will submit my project proposal where my revise goals and activities are listed .

Background: Evaluate relevant research for practice literature – Synthesize the findings from research related to the practice problem and evidence-based practice solutions as identified in the integrative review of the literature. Studies need not be replications of previous studies, but must address the same practice problem and evidence-based practice solutions. Must be in APA format, (6th ed.) and include reference listing.
3. Project Goal (s)/Objectives: Goal(s) should be overarching with specific objectives for each goal. The objectives should be stated in feasible & measureable terms (SMART)

Sample Solution