Is DNA testing done for our benefit or is it actually used against us to collect information and violate privacy

The report should be a critical reflection on the social and ethical aspects of an emerging technology (technology used is dna testing done by https://www.23andme.com/ website) Some of the areas in which you might identify social and ethical issues are: access (who can access this technology? how is access controlled and distributed?), potential benefits and costs (who might bear them? are they intended or unintended?) and risk (what are the known risks and how are they defined? by whom? is there potential for unknown risks?). The report should include: 1) A brief description of what the technology is and how it has developed/is developing. Include technical specifications only to the extent that they are relevant to your social and ethical issues. 2) A discussion of several social and ethical questions that are important to consider in connection with this technology. 3) Your own argument for any policy recommendations you would make regarding the technology.




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