Documentation Issues for ICD-10 Coding and DRG

The expected completion time is 30 hours due on Weeks 14.
Research documentation issues for ICD 10 coding. Summarize your findings in a well written report that should
focus on: 1) documentation issues for ICD-10 coding with recommendations; 2) DRG weights of common
diagnoses and procedures with documentation issues; 3) impact of DRG weights on reimbursement and
patient’s quality of care; 4) current challenges encountered by Health Information professionals and/or facilities
on documentation issues; 5) impact changes in documentation have on reimbursement and management; 6)
plan of action to reduce or prevent documentation issues to ensure coding accuracy ; 7) measures to monitor
coding quality in a healthcare setting; 8) compliance with AHIMA Code of Ethics and 9) a conclusion that
includes insights after completion of this exercise. This report must be typed in Times New Roman, size 12
font, doublespaced and approximately 2-3 pages in length.

Sample Solution