Dream Project

Students will each select a “DREAM” project and write a one to two page outline (250-500 words) using the “Scope Statement” Format to be found in Chapter 4 on pages 102 to 106. You may use the Snapshot From practice-Scope Statement on Page 105 as your template. As well, follow the Employing a Project Scope Checklist as outlined on Pages 102-103.

Do not copy a project that was previously used by someone else, create your own. TurnItIn will be used on the submission folder. Cite your sources.

Projects should be relatively complex and require:
A minimum of 30 days to complete.
A minimum of 15 discrete and separate activities
The help of at least 2 other persons
The use of outside resources such as labour and equipment

If you have any problems coming up with a project idea, see the list below for suggestions. Not all the projects on the list would meet the criteria outlined above. Finally, pick a project that would truly interest you.

Sample Solution