Dreaming in Cuban

Watch the 2 videos on youtube and answer all the question on the discussion board #1, i copy the names of the videos on youtube ” downPatria O Muerte – Cuba / Fatherland Or Death 2016″ and “Fidel Castro The Untold Story Documentary” .. Then your gonna read the book “Dreaming in Cuban” from page 35-74 and answer all the questions on the discussion board #2

After watching the 2 videos, what is your impression of Castro and of Cuba under his control? What are some ways that he made life better for ordinary Cubans? What are some ways that the people of Cuba suffered under his control?

Dreaming in Cuban (p.35-74

Similar to last night, think about the main characters in the novel. How have they evolved? What challenges are they facing? How do you see the Cuban Revolution affecting their lives?

Sample Solution