Drug sociology


book required . Dopesick: Dealers, Doctors, and the Drug Company that Addicted America
on Amazon. I will pay for you for book .

also required : reading my textbook all chapter and relate following requirment..

Instructions: Write a detailed summary and critique of the book, stating what each chapter’s main
insights and arguments are, as well as a reflection on where the author deserves praise or is wrong. A
one-sided depiction of only the positives will result in a failing grade, as will a thorough trashing that
only focuses on negatives. Make at least 10 express references to specific sections in Abadinsky’s book,
and explain how these sections are relevant to an understanding of Macy’s book.
Minimum length is 1500 words. The paper needs to include a word count.

1) Mechanically correct. This means that the paper is free of errors in style, grammar, punctuation, word
usage, and spelling. All serious word processors come with spelling and grammar checkers – use them.
2) Well-written. This means that the paper is clear in purpose, and the writing style utilizes precise
nouns, strong verbs, active voice, and correct verb tense. In an excellent paper the material is organized
logically, with good transitions between sections and appropriate pacing. The normal English sentence
construction of subject – verb – object should be followed whenever possible.
3) Meet the minimum length requirements

Sample Solution