Dunkirk Film Analysis


Specifications: ? Must submit .doc or .docx format ? 3-4 pages – the paper must be a minimum of 3 FULL pages in length (you may exceed maximum length of 4 pages, but there is no special grade value in doing so). ? 1-inch margins on all sides. ? 12-point Times New Roman font (do not use Courier New or other fonts that change page counts) ? Double space ? 0 point spacing between paragraphs ? No subheadings such as “Introduction” and “Conclusion” ? Grammar and usage are taken into account when grading ? You may use a title page, but it does not count toward the page count. ? The work cited page does not count toward the page count. ? A sign-up sheet will be given early in the semester. There will be a limit of 2 students per film. (This means only 2 students can do Saving Private Ryan ). Students may “trade” films between one another after signup but they must notify the professor. One way to experience history more vividly is through film. You are asked to view one film related to World History 1876-Present and write a 3-4 page analysis on the historicity of the movie, with a minimum of three FULL pages. The focus of your paper should be on how historically accurate the film is: what it gets right, where it goes wrong, how much creative liberty the filmmakers took. When viewing the film pay close attention to the narration, the characters (whether fictional or factual people), the dialog, the props, scenery, etc. Your introduction, in which you will briefly summarize the film’s plot, should be no more than 1 page long. The rest of your paper will analyze the historical accuracy of the film. Note : this is not a paper asking you if you liked or disliked the film. To determine how historically accurate a film is, students should consult the textbook and online sources, but make sure you cite them appropriately in MLA format in-text and in a work cited page. Usually students can find links to valuable information about a movie through IMDB.com. DO NOT use Wikipedia or About.com. My textbooks are: Discovering the Global Past, Volume II, 4th edition The Heritage of World Civilizations, Volume 2, 10th edition

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