Review of a Research Article
One of your duties as a candidate and as a teacher is to connect to the research surrounding your discipline.
As such, you will pull a topic from our course reading and search for a peer-reviewed journal article that relates
to your topic. For example, while reading the chapter about assessing student writing, you may find the
controversy about using rubrics for assessment particularly interesting. This would be a potential topic for you
to research further. Once you identify your topic and locate –and read– a coordinating article, you will submit a
written summary of your article with an explanation of how your article is relevant to the course readings and
your classroom or future classroom. Your review and application of the article must be written in an expository
form. A list of facts will not be accepted. Please include a thesis statement that supports your position.
The following list of journals may be good places to begin your search:
Childhood Education
Early Childhood Education Journal
Journal of Research in Childhood Education
Language Arts
Reading Teacher
Young Children
(Journals available through HSU and OBU libraries—bound and online)

Sample Solution