create an E-Commerce web application that has a rich web based user interface that uses current standards including HTML5 and CSS3 for all formatting and layout. Use a consistent liquid design layout that can be viewed on a variety of screen sizes and include suitable content divided into appropriate elements. Use good web design practices throughout.
The website application should list at least 10 products and should consist of the following:
1. An attractive public home page that provides an entry point to your E-Commerce site which will grab the attention of the user.
2. The web site has an appropriate navigation structure. The structure of the navigation should be consistent in design across all pages.
3. Include a validated login form that authenticates users against a database.
4. Once users login, they should see a personalized page with access to additional functionality including:
• Purchasing items.
• View and edit their profiles including changing their password.
5. A catalogue page. The purpose of this page is to allow visitors to see the items you have for sale.
6. Product details page. This page shows the details of any specific product.
7. A search feature. This allows users to search for products by keywords.
8. A “Gallery” page that displays relevant information about products interactively using JavaScript.
9. Become a member page. This is the registration page that adds a new user to the database.
10. Include a log out feature on all private pages that takes users back to the home page.

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