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As a vendor, you are required to design a health information system/technology (HIS/T) to later present to the Purchaser in hopes of being selected as the vendor of choice.

Part A
Product Demonstration: Your presentation must address the following:

1. Overview of your company
2. Overview of product
3. How your product contributes to the overall delivery of quality health care services and treatments
4 Interoperability
5. Training options
6. Product software/hardware requirements and maintenance

Your presentation must include the following visual/graphics to demonstrate actual work flow processes based on your specific product:

1. Administrative Scenarios for example processing release of information request (ROI) or appointment scheduling, Patient Access and Medical Billing/Coding (at minimum 2 examples required)
2. Clinical Scenarios for example physician orders, consultations and Clinical Documentation (at minimum 2 examples required)
3. Clinical Quality Measures such as alerts, notification and/or reminders (at minimum 1 example required)




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