Early U.S. History Survey

Global Passages: (p.54, textbook) “Angela’s Ordeal, the Atlantic Slave Trade, and the Creation of African North American Communities.

“Slavery Takes Root in Colonial Virginia”

“Slavery and the Law in Virginia”

ASSIGNMENT: In a clear, concise, and well-constructed five to seven (5-7) paragraph essay please respond to the following:

Discuss the beginnings of slavery in Virginia. What economic, social, and cultural opportunities did Africans enjoy in the early 1600s? And, in particular, how was “law” used to eventually strip Africans of such opportunities and rights in Virginia? What might have been the status of race relations had early African-Americans and African slaves not been stripped of such opportunity?

 The content of the essay is largely up to you; however, you should not use any sources outside of the readings assigned and your lecture notes.
 Your ideas are important but this is not a work of opinion but of reasoned thought given your assigned readings.
 Use parenthetical brief parenthetical citations such (Beard, Saylor, and Digital History) for the web sites and (Schaller, p#) for your testbook.
 You do not need a works cited page or bibliography.
 Submit your paper to the Dropbox file in D2L. All papers must be submitted digitally and will be scanned by the TurnItIn.com plagiarism software.
 Make sure your name is on the paper not just the Dropbox file.

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