Eating disorder

Please answer the following questions base on the attached case presentation:
From your perspective as their psychiatric nurse practitioner, answer the following questions in a two- to threepage double-spaced paper (not including the reference page) in APA format. Include at least three peerreviewed, evidence-based references.
Write a summary statement about the case presentation, including potential DSM-5 diagnoses.
Is there a screening tool for this diagnosis? Would it be appropriate for this patient? If available online, include
a link to the tool.
What assessment questions would you ask them to identify their eating disorders, triggers, and current coping
What medication changes would you recommend, including doses and administration times? What precautions
and interactions would you educate the patient about when prescribing your recommended medications or
changes in medication?
Explain any other health professional referrals that would be significant in your patient’s treatment plan.

Sample Solution