Eating disorders and its impact on the life of person and carer.

Description of Scenario:(500 words)

Describe about the main signs and symptoms of her condition, what happened in the scenario and linked to the resources and how it triggers to that condition ( eating disorder /anorexia nervosa mainly) and controlled behaviour

Key issues of scenario ( 750 words)

Trigger for mental health

Sudden death of BF create Trauma and grief act as a trigger

she didn’t attend to her emotional well- being

stressors such as workplace anxiety/ traumatic life evento

obsession with body image

· signs and symptoms:

behavioural/psychological signs ? and more relevant symptoms

regimen (control of behavior/ food related/ restrictive diet plan and excessive exercise)

social isolation( connect to theory/literature)

social stigma with misinformation about condition

agitated behavior

negative attitude from society

· how is this characterising our clinical approach

Diagnosis of eating disorders

narrative of the medical system ( how efficient is the medical system / specialist in this regards ,,, why they unable to detect it first)

Support Needs:( 750 words)

· Recommended actions/Advice for individual : including the genral advice according to signs and symptoms and condition of individuals( 5-6 advices relevant to scenario)

· strategies for individual : it includes stragtegies /therapies particularly for the person suffering

such as psychotherapy and 3-4 more intervention

Sample Solution