Economic Principles – Macroeconomics

An Example Macroeconomic Paper and Macroeconomic Paper Template are provided below for this
For this final report assignment, you can use the same industry, Air Transportation.
Prepare a 2–3 page final report in which you examine one of the macroeconomic variables below:
Real Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
The unemployment rate.
The inflation rate.

  1. Describe your selected industry using the industry description at the NAICS website.
    Identify some of the major companies in this industry. You will probably have to do a Google search for this
    information. For example, you could search for “Biggest U.S. Cattle Feedlots.
    Identify the goods, and/or services this industry produces. Use the information from the NAICS website. You
    can supplement this information with what you find in a separate Google search.
  2. Select one of three macroeconomic variables (real GDP, the unemployment rate, or the inflation rate) that a
    business person in your chosen industry should monitor, and explain why that variable is important and how it
    might have an impact on your selected industry.
  3. Describe in a sentence or two the important movements of the variable in the table and graph.
    Excel tables and graphs is attached: “Real GDP Example (Graph)”
    Review the Excel table and graph for the macroeconomic variable that you chose.
    Summarize how you think this industry will perform in the future.
    Be sure to provide support for your prediction of this future industry performance.

Sample Solution