Economics Analysis-Orlando

Right now things are crazy in Orlando, layoffs and closings are having an adverse affect on the community and population in general. Disney and Universal have

announced more layoffs and even in the senior ranks of the theme parks, people who have been with the company for 20 years are losing there jobs. Sea World lays off

workers then has a job fair to rehire staff but with different job duties and job descriptions, and can then choose who they want to rehire. Some say that is not fair.

Now Universal will build 1000 affordable housing units near property for team members? We have been screaming about this for years. Provide affordable day care on

premise too.

These corporations can certainty afford to build these kind of properties, Universal announced a few years ago they were putting in $500 million a year into the

Orlando location, for rides and improvements. But not for team member housing, Orlando has one of the worst affordable housing crisis situations in the nation.

They are suspending the Aspire Program at Disney for cast members.

Write a two full page paper, double spaced 12 font, on how you feel Orlando and the theme parks, corporate restaurant chains, have handled the pandemic and what can

the theme parks do to help the average worker.

No citations is not required but if you can include some information with resources, just put it in your own words, tell me your story about what happened to you and

your family during this whole mess.

Orlando Sentinel web site has good article’s, Scott Maxwell writes about these things, and the $500 million dollar expansion to the convention center here in town. He

has his own take on the situation, and the tourism bosses don’t like what he says.

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