Write a summary essay (a. 10 -12 pages) applying subject matter knowledge in an educational context and devising connections among experiences inside and outside the formal classroom, or connections among multiple fields of study. You may draw from your other writing for this course this term to complete this. NOTE: This must be submitted in a single file in the “Signature Assignment” section of Week Eight. Your essay should be in proper American Psychological Association (APA) 6th edition format. For reference you can link to the following from Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab (OWL) – https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/ . Your Application and Reflection Essay should be numbered and include all of the components below: 1. Title Page (separate page) 2. Introductory Abstract as per APA format (separate page) 3. Learning and Development (a. 500 words minimum): a. Why is it important to know about how children learn and develop? Discuss at least three important things about each. b. How will you apply this knowledge in an academic setting or with children (classroom, home-school, parenting etc.)? Provide detailed examples. 4. Subject Matter Knowledge (500 words minimum essay per each of the three current CSET California Testing Sub-set: subject areas): 1) Reading, Language and Literature, History and Social Science; 2) Natural Sciences and Mathematics; 3) Human Development, Physical Education and Visual and Performing Arts. In your response consider incorporating some answers to the following fundamental questions: a. What do you think are the most important things for students to know about this subject matter area and why? b. How do we get kids to “think” more like an expert in this content area? (i.e. Scientist? Mathematician? Artist? Historian? Writer?) c. How does this content area align to the preparation 21st century learners need, based on what you have learned in this class, program, and life? d. How does this content area interrelate with other subject matter areas? e. How is this content area applied in the real world? Provide at least three examples with details. f. How would you, personally, approach teaching this content in academic settings (classroom, homeschool, etc.) and why? What specific techniques or strategies will you use to help individuals learn about this content area? Provide detailed examples. 5. Personal Reflection on Teaching and Learning (a. 750 words minimum) a. Analyze how your own learning has changed over time, from childhood to present day. Consider the following questions: 1) What have some significant strengths and challenges been for you in regards to learning? 2) What have been some frustrations and how have you dealt with them? 3) What ethical considerations (or in-considerations) have you experienced? 4) How does understanding your own learning help you to focus on your teaching goals? b. Now that you have completed most of your content area coursework in the Multiple Subjects Teaching Program, discuss how your understanding of teaching, learning, and education has changed. Consider the following questions: 1) What do you now know and believe about learning, or how people learn, compared to what you believed before this program? 2) What do you now believe about teaching as a result of what you now believe about learning? 3) How did your personal understanding of the “purpose of education” change throughout this class and program? What did you once believe and what do you believe now? Why/How did it change? What effect does your new understanding have on other aspects of your career goals and life? 4) Has this program changed your views about the alternatives to the traditional classroom settings, such as home schools or charter schools? If so, how? If not, why not? 6. Works Cited/ References.

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