Education priorities

Choose ONE of the education priorities discussed in EDF2006 (weeks 2-11, and different from the selected education priority for Assignment 1):
● Sustainability
● Australia’s engagement with Asia
● Intercultural understanding
● Creativity & Critical Thinking
● Literacy
● Numeracy
● Developing active and ethical citizenship
● Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures
● Personal and social learning, student well-being
Develop an essay response that focuses on each of the following three parts:
1. Explanation of what the priority is and why you think it has become a national and/or global education priority. Discussion of which key policies and drivers have led to this priority. Draw your arguments from the workshops and other references.
2. A discussion why this is or is not a priority in the school based on your observation during the practicum and short informal interview you conduct.
3. A critical analysis of the priority for which you draw on at least two academic references.





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