Edward Greenburg’s Struggle for Democracy

Write about-
-Chapter 2 from Edward Greenburg’s Struggle for Democracy, 10th Edition, particularly the section on Charles Beard.
-Chapter 2 and 3 from Dr. Parenti’s Democracy for the Few, 9th Edition.
Talk about these Questions:
Many politcal scientists and sociological suggest that this country was established by the richer upper-class (White Male Property Owners) and its foundation was designed to mainly protect and promote their interest. These scientists argue that despite couple hundred years of history and a number of social movements by non-male property owners groups which have led to the right to vote by these groups as well as their participation in the society is still intact and mainly operates to promote and protect the interest of the rich upper class.
a. Do you agree or disagree with those scientists as well as with Michael Parenti?
b. In your essay you must deal with issues such as “class power in early America.,” Was there class power in early America?
c. If yes how did that afftect the writing of the constitution and the quality of demorcacy in the United States?
d. How all these authors deal with the issue of class power in those assigned chapters from their books.
e. Do they believe that the United States is still dominated by white male property owners?
f. Do you agree or disagree with them? Which one of those three authors? Why? Fully explain your position and support it.

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