Effects of Audio Interference on Visual Recognition Recall Questionnaire

You have already gone through a set of images. Now it is time to see how well you can recall details of some of those images. There will be two multiple choice questions that you will need to answer for each image. Circle the answer you feel is correct. After you are done turn your worksheet face down. It will be collected from your experimenter.

Good luck!

Image 1:

Was there a specific weather type in the image?
a) No, there was not.
b) Yes, there was.

Was the person in the image smiling?
a) No, there was no person in the image.
b) Yes, the person was smiling in the image.

Image 2:
Is there a lamp in the image?
a) Yes, there is a lamp in the image.
b) No, there is no lamp in the image.

Is the setting of this image outdoors?
a) Yes, it is outdoors.
b) No, the setting is in a cabin.
Image 3:
Are there living organisms in this photo?
a) Yes, there are living organisms.
b) No, it is just objects.

Are there bright colours in this image?
a) No, it is very gloomy and gray image.
b) Yes, it is a brightly colored image.

Image 4:
Could a transport of some sort have a use of the thing in this image?
a) Yes, a train could.
b) Yes, a car could.

Is there a lot of nature surrounding this image?
a) Yes, lots of trees and bushes.
b) No, there is no nature.

Image 5:
Could someone live here?
a) Yes, someone could.
b) No, someone could not.

Is there a place someone could sit in the image?
a) Yes, there is.
b) No, there is not.

Image 6:
Do you see a form of transportation in the picture?
a) Yes, a bus.
b) Yes, a car.

Do you notice any vibrant colours in the image?
a) No, it is mostly green and dark shades of blue.
b) Yes, there is lots of red in the image.
































































Sample Solution