Does media reporting of terrorism increase/influence fear of crime?

The aim of this research is to explore if there is media influence of fear of crime while reporting terrorist events around the world. This research was initiated by empirical studies for media and terrorism. To allow flexibility and gaining qualitative data British tabloid articles were reviewed. Most important parts of newspaper articles have been colour coded and divided into ten themes. Thematic analyse was used to interpret main categories and draw a pattern within the media reporting of terrorism throughout the years. From the thematic analysis it was found that journalist construction of terrorist events and aftermath change during the time. However from some of the obtained information is clear that the media influences society’s fear of crime.
Keywords: terrorism, fear of crime, society, media, government, newspaper articles, images, language, journalists, terror, carnage, horror

Write a qualitative research of empirical studies

a) How themes differentiate when reporting different terrorist events. Method of the dissertation will be thematic analyse (Qualitative research of empirical studies). What themes are use when reporting terrorism through the years? Link with fear of crime and media reporting.
b) Different themes from a different newspaper articles covering terrorism / print media (Guardian, Daily Mail, Mirror, Daily Telegraph, Sun and The Times –national newspaper)

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