Respond to each question in 2-5 sentences. Integrate source material from course readings into your responses and cite these. Please number each response so that I know to which question you are responding.

What does it reveal about Egyptian society and culture for its architects to design pyramids of such enormity and precision?
What is the role of religion in ancient Egyptian culture? How did you come to this conclusion?
Choose two pieces of Egyptian art from this time period and embed or attach images. Discuss the significance(s) of these images to the culture.
Choose one or two artifacts from this module and discuss the role of women in the cultures/cultural artifacts.
In Gilgamesh, what does the story of Enkidu’s education by the priestess (called a prostitute by some translators) tell us about Mesopotamian views of culture and civilization?
Why is Gilgamesh an important text? What is its historical significance? How is it relevant today? What lessons does it teach? Discuss specific details from the story. How is the text very culturally divergent?
Cast Gilgamesh with Hollywood actors as though you were producing a film about the story. Who would cast as which character and why?
Pretend that the Persians had enjoyed consistent success in their conflicts with the Greeks. How would Western Civilization be different today?
Read a piece of history by Herodotus. Discuss two points you wish to analyze and/or evaluate in this history. Why are Herodotus’s contributions significant?
Name and discuss the two major themes (two specific themes for each of these two works for a total of four themes) of Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey. Refer to specific episodes from both epics. This will require a reading of the texts or summaries or overviews of these two epics.
Describe the role of the gods of Olympus in ancient Greek culture. What does this view of deities reflect about the Greek cultures of this time period?
Which Greek god or goddess would you choose to be and why?
What poem of Sappho do you find most interesting? Why? Refer to specific lines from the poem. Analyze specific language in the poem.



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