Ehlen v. Melvin.

Review the case entitled Ehlen v. Melvin. What is the issue that the court addressed here? Explain the rule that the court used to resolve the issue. Then apply the facts in the case to that rule and finally, draw your conclusion for the case. You do not have to agree with the court so long as you back up your analysis. You must write using IRAC.

  1. Review Ethics Case. Answer the following questions:
    a. Does Saban owe an ethical duty to pay Dees more money now that the Power Rangers is a successful brand?
    b. Is Dees bound by the contract?
  2. Review the case of Marder v. Lopez (the Flash dance case) . Using IRAC, what is the issue in this case? What rule does the court apply here? Apply the facts in that case to the rule that you set forth. Finally, come to a conclusion regarding the issue set forth in the case.

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