El Exilio Cubans in the United States

Since 1959, Cubans have migrated to the United States, as many fled seeking safety from political persecution in the island after the revolution. These Cubans began to arrive in the United States not as economic immigrant in search of the American dream, but as political immigrants, who sought the United States as a place of refuge. This fact has made Cuban migration different from other migrations to the United States.

Another important difference about Cuban migration to the U.S. is that it has been informed by the tense relations between the two countries. Because the revolution took place within the context of the Cold War, all diplomatic and economic relations (1961) with the island would come to an end. This decision by the U.S. government, would make the migration of Cubans to the United States a very difficult endeavor as all formal travel between the Island and the U.S. would eventually come to an end. Cuban migration to the United States would take place in a series of waves. In this lecture, we will explore the three most important waves that have informed the experience of Cubans in the United States. As you will see each wave will be unique and present a series of challenges to the United States as these Cubans settled in what would become the capital city of the Cuban exile: Miami.

Answer these questions( paragraph for each question)

  1. Explain the reasons for the migration of Cubans to the United States since 1959 discuss the different waves of Cubans that have migrated to Miami.
  2. What reasons explain the “Cuban success story” in the city of Miami.
  3. Why the “open door policy” and the “wet feet/dry feet” came to an end for Cubans who wanted to leave the island?
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