Electrical Safety

Using methods and tools in ANSI Z10 (or other recognized OHSMS standard), perform an analysis of how managing risk of electrical hazards in your workplace* is included in the OHSMS for your organization. Include: 1) a risk assessment of the 3 primary categories of exposure (contact with overhead power lines; contact with energized components and circuit parts; and contact with electrical energy from tools, appliances and temporary wiring), 2) an analysis of how the current control plan utilizes the hierarchy of controls to mitigate risk, and 3) a discussion of how you could address any gaps or opportunities you identified to improve the management system for electrical safety. * If necessary, you may use a hypothetical workplace. If your organization does not have a documented electrical safety management system or control plan (part 2 of assignment), then discuss the current state of safety management attention to electrical hazards.

Sample Solution