Electronic Literature (website design)

Investigate the following Electronic Literature (E-Lit) types. I have included examples of some of the most popular ones. These examples are NOT the only options you have! They are merely examples to guide you!

Hypertext narratives (Example: These Waves of Girls)
Fiction blogs (Flogs) (Example: The Urban 30 or Chasing K8)
Wiki (Example: Web 2.0 Guru)
Digital poetry (Example: in the white darkness)
For your final project you will build on your experiences with the course and these technologies and create a work of electronic literature that is made of at least 50% Web 2.0 technologies and 50% HTML. Alternatively, if you would prefer to pursue a less abstract project, you can choose to create a wiki that identifies various concepts you have learned throughout the course. Whichever option you choose, your final project will consist of two elements: 1) the project itself, and 2) a 500 word response to your project that reflects on your journey through this course. In short, this project is designed to give you an opportunity to not only passively read about the concepts presented in this course but also participate as a content creator.


The minimum requirements for each option are listed below. Further details regarding each project can be found in the rubric section below.

Fiction blog (flog): 2-4 entries of 250 words each
Hypertext fiction using HTML: 4-6 pages or “lexia” of 100 words each
Wiki: a main page plus 2-3 pages of 250 words each
Digital Poem: 2-3 screens of 50 words each
Note that these are minimums. I would most appreciate it if your project exceeds the minimum criteria but it is not required. Also keep in mind your personal technical expertise. Learning how to use the technology you choose is an important aspect of this assignment, so make sure you choose a technology that you feel you can work with.

Project Proposal

Prior to beginning your project, you will submit a project proposal to me via Blackboard. Your project proposal will be a paragraph in which you identify the type of project you will be pursuing (hypertext fiction, Second Life travel blog, etc.), give a short outline of your project, and finally identify some of the reasons you chose this particular project. The goal here is for you to have thought carefully about what you want to do beforehand so that you will have plenty of time to complete the project.

Response to your project

Regardless of which project you choose you will accompany it with a 500-word reflection on the process of developing your digital project in conjunction with your experiences during this course. This is your opportunity to express your thoughts about the advantages or disadvantages of the medium you chose to work in, as well as to consider how you might have done things differently in a different medium. There are no right or wrong answers here but your response should be well written and thoughtful. Grammar and spelling are always important.

Sample Solution