Emergency Preparedness and PPE Supply Chain Management

Research Question: How can we develop a U.S.-based national-level PPE supply manufacturing network, that will supply all federal and military PPE needs, in emergency or during normal operations?

Purpose: Ensure PPE supply chain is never vulnerable to major disruption again.

Why are you performing this research? Public health and national security. Motive: during COVID-19, major disruption to the PPE supply chain. Healthcare workers did not have enough. Public wanted N95s initially. Military had to ration N95.

This is my research question↑
↓ is what im working on now
Besides forming a Domestic PPE supply manufacturing network for federal and military PPEs, what are other alternatives recommendations to PPE manufacturing networks.
Below are possible Recommendation that compiled. Pick some of what I complied and use others that you researched. Find articles that may be used to make these recommendations and write about why the article is relevant and where/how the article was found(method). I already attached some articles that may be used.

I. Proposed solution (similar to Walmart’s stocking system): self-sufficiency
A. Em Management model
National PPE Manufacturing Network, entirely U.S.-based supply chain:
B. Centralized order/inventory/stocking data center > warehouse storage capacity hubs in strategic locations around the nation > military, federal and state agencies, Departments of Health, can purchase/request PPE and have exactly what they need sent.
C. Building relationships with suppliers
D. Using multiple manufacturing companies per PPE item
E. Minimum Inventory Level Mandates
F. Coordinate Efforts to Report Inventory and Regionalize Resources (E&F found some Info on this in the below article ↓)
Lagu, T., Artenstein, A., & Werner, R. (2020). Fool Me Twice: The Role for Hospitals and Health Systems in Fixing the Broken PPE Supply Chain. Journal of Hospital Medicine, 15(9).
G. Marketplace for Medical Supplies
H. Clearing House for PPE Coordination (For G&H found some Info on this in the below article ↓)
Cramton, P., Ockenfels, A., Roth, A. E., & Wilson, R. B. (2020). Borrow crisis tactics to get COVID-19 supplies to where they are needed. Nature, 582(7812), 334–336. https://doi.org/10.1038/d41586-020-01750-6
A. Better Coordination (found some Info on this in the below article ↓)

Rowan, N. J., & Laffey, J. G. (2020). Challenges and solutions for addressing critical shortage of supply chain for personal and protective equipment (PPE) arising from Coronavirus disease (COVID19) pandemic–Case study from the Republic of Ireland. Science of The Total Environment, 725, 138532.
B. Data Transparency (found some Info on this in the below article ↓)
Dai, T., Bai, G., & Anderson, G. F. (2020). PPE supply chain needs data transparency and stress testing. Journal of general internal medicine, 35(9), 2748-2749.
C. Better Coordination between federal and state government agencies to facilitate- distribute/track availability of needed supplies and inventory equipment. Match supply and demand in real time
D. Increase emergency funding to states.
E. new innovative technology (i.e., Robotics) for mass production in an event of a pandemic-Federal support
F. ask local manufacturers to switch production to PPE.
G. Distribute the PPE equipment depending on the areas hardest hit by a pandemic.

Sample Solution

Sample Solution