Emerging Adulthood

Bella, 24, comes to your office for physical therapy for severe pain in her neck and shoulder. Over the course of your sessions, you learn that Bella is a recent college graduate and has begun working at her first job out of college. While this job was an amazing opportunity to take, it is across the country from all her friends and family, and Bella has not made friends at work. She spends most days after work at home, watching Netflix and drinking a bottle of wine. In fact, Bella eventually admits that the fall that caused her neck and shoulder injury happened when she was drunk one evening.
Describe at least two physical, social, or cognitive needs of the individual. Identify at least two ways in which the individual’s developmental stage influences the issue described in their case. If not addressed, what could be the long-term impact of the issue presented? What resources are available to assist with the issue presented? How would you connect the individual with these resources?

Sample Solution