Emerging Trends for Social Media

Read the attached article from DMN outlining social media trends that have been identified key trends for the Summer of 2018-
Select one of the trends from the list and complete the following task:
Compose a 700-800 word short response that identifies the following
Identification: The trend that you think will have the most impact on the broad use of social media- (1 mark)
Overall Assessment: Why do you think this trend will be the most significant? (minimum of 3 reasons) (6 marks – 3 key points, each worth 2 marks for
quality and appropriateness)
Benefits: What benefits do you think will be realized as a result of this trend? Who stands to benefit the most? Corporations? Individual users?
Other? (3 marks – 1 mark for identification of beneficiary + 2 mark for explanation)
Risks: What are the risks associated with the emerging trend? (Identify not less than 2) (4 marks – 1 per risk identification and 1 per risk explanation)
Precedent: Provide an example where this trend is being realized already. Include the following information:
Identification of appropriate example (1 mark)
Description of the campaign/organization that is using the trend (2 marks)
Early impacts/results that can be observed – at least one (1 mark)
Your personal recommendations of how the implementation/realization of the trend could be more effectively used (at least one recommendation)
(2 marks – 1 mark for appropriate recommendation + 1 mark for explanation)





Sample Solution