Emotional perspective and Organizational communication

Write a paper that is qualified to be an academic paper based on Books and published articles in the failed of Communication. This paper’s topic is “Emotion and Organizational Communication’ which is a perspective of the theoretical perspectives of Org Comm . In this paper I want you to focus on some subjects in the failed of Organizational communication; such as; defining the emotional perspective of Org Comm,Workplace emotion, Process of Emotion in the workplace, Emotion Rules and Emotional i intelligence, Stress Burn-out and social support in the work place, emotional communication within Org and Leadership.I will provide you with some necessary references in the upload Section. Please avoid textbooks and un academic websites. Simple language as you can. Note that | have non of the books provided. Please provide me with an outline for the paper and proceed to writing and don’t wait for my response. I’m in a long flight for two days and | might be unable to find a WiFi access.

Sample Solution