Employment Opportunity Analysis

Specifically, you will be working your way through opportunities for employment, selecting the one that
best fits
your needs and wants, establishing a budget to manage your expenses, selecting the best options for managing debt, and planning for the future. You
will then
take the strategies you have learned in this course and apply them to your own problem, and walk your instructor through your process for solving the
For your problem, you can choose anything such as deciding what credit card to get, determining how much and what type of insulation to purchase,
or planning
your garden. This assessment addresses the following course outcomes:
Analyze real-world scenarios for the key aspects that can inform the selection of quantitative problem-solving strategies
Determine appropriate problem-solving strategies for approaching solutions to various real-world problems
Solve real-world problems through application of appropriate mathematical calculations
Articulate logical interpretations of quantitative information for informing personal real-world decisions
Refer to the following critical elements to complete your final project

Sample Solution