Engaging Conflict

Question 1: Bridging Theory and Practice

The goal of this course was to bridge theory and practice and give you the experience of engaging in real world community conflict.
In what ways did the course bridge theory and practice? (theory can mean a well-formed theory or theoretical concepts). Are there any theories, frameworks, or concepts from your conflict resolution studies that were exemplified by any aspect of this course (in your teamwork, in the project your team worked on, or in the broader course context)? You do not need to elaborate on any given theory, just to make reference and make clear what in the theory was relevant to what in the course experience.


Question 2: Insights/Lessons Learned
Please share one or two insights you have gained from any aspect of this course (you can gain insight from something that worked well or from something that did not work well). How will these insights guide/inform you in your future endeavors?

Sample Solution