Engineering Design Project

Based on the knowledge of photonic principles, do your own research in the field of photonics and submit a written engineering design project. The paper should to be written in a standard scientific publication form (including abstract) and contain 8-10 pages of relevant information needed to construct an original photonic device. You can choose one topic from those listed below based on the principles of photonics and/or opto-electronics {ie., it should employ light in the visible, near IR, or UV region). Standard electronic devices (amplifiers, power sources, ADCs, etc.) may be presented
in a block diagram form only, however, light sources, opto-electronic and photonic components should be described fully, i.e., detailed diagrams, specifications, functional ranges, and dimensions, including the theoretical equations and supporting calculations of the expected performance. Think of the project as of your own proposal to obtain a patent for a photonic device.
(1) Telescope design.
{2) Optical Add-Drop devices for fiber optic communication
(3) Multiplexing and de-Multiplexing wavelength in fiber optic communication.
(4) Optical switching.
(5) Optical storage and retrieval of information.
(6) A non-contact device that could measure the revolving speed of rotating wheels.
(7) A coding device that could code and decode visual information, such as a photograph.
(8) A wireless power transfer system.
(9) A device that could easily determine the coherence (quality) of any light source.
(10) A precision optical spectrum analyzer

Sample Solution