Explain Immanuel Kant’s philosophy in relation to the search for universal truths. Using at least two of the texts we have studied, discuss the ways Kant contradicts mainstream Enlightenment thought.
readings : “What is Enlightenment” — Volume D, pages 101-104 Kant” “What is Enlightenment’?” – Volume D, pages 105-109 Swift: “A Modest Proposal” – Volume D, pages 315-320 Wollstonecraft: “A Vindication of the Rights of Woman” — Volume D, pages 134-136 Marquis de Sade: from “Philosophy in the Bedroom” – Volume D, pages 137-140 Sor Juana: From “The Poet’s Answer to the Most Illustrious Sor Filotea de la Cruz” — Volume D, pages 248-262 Saikaku: from “Life of a Sensuous Woman” – Volume D, pages 593-611



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