Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Read the Timberjack Parts Software Selection Project handed out in class on April 3 and answer the following questions based on our discussion of the Reynolds text in class, and the case details. In total, your submission should be no more than two pages single-spaced.
1) Compare and contrast the benefits of the Oracle and QAD systems. Which system should Timberjack select and why? 14
2) What role did the Timberjack dealer system play in the selection process? Would the Swedish customer base have benefited from an online order entry system? %
3) The request for proposal (RFP) process in Atlanta based on no time constraints was exhaustive, while Per Sahlqvist and the Swedish side provided a high-level summary. Per was convinced that the system life span would be about three years. Which type of RFP would you provide to vendors? %
4) While the two divisions were similar in size and complexity, their apparent requirements were very different. What role did cultural differences play? Do you believe that the differences were justified? 1%
5) Review the selection process. What ideas used in the selection process did you learn from and would retain? What would you do differently? %

Sample Solution