Entrepreneurial Business Plan Part B (and Change Matrix)

The purpose of this assignment is to complete an investigation into (a) customer segmentation, (b) industry analysis, and (c) location analysis for the selected firm. To Part B of the Entrepreneurial Business Plan, students will be using information from this week’s reading assignments, outside research, and their critical thinking skills. (CLO’s 1, 3, 6, and 8)

Expectations for this assignment:

General Guidelines:

  1. Your paper should meet all APA (6th Ed.) writing standards.
  2. The Change Matrix must be placed immediately following the Title Page.
  3. Beginning in Wk. 2 – Instructor’s feedback, recommendations, and corrections must be addressed and detailed on the change matrix page.
  4. Include a faith integration component – The faith integration component should be present throughout your business plan (e.g., not just a paragraph or mention of faith at the end of each section). In other words, how does your faith or world view influence your firm?

Specific to this week’s component:

  1. Customer Segmentation – Identify three common characteristics of your potential customer.
  2. Create three graphs showing the moving trends of each identified common characteristic (from #1 above). Graphs must include a minimum of three years of data for each identified segment.
  3. Provide a discussion detailing the significance of each identified trend (from #’s 1 & 2 above)
  4. Complete an in-depth analysis of the industry including:
    a. Description of the industry.
    b. Identify the North American Industry Classification number (NAIC) and provide a discussion of the importance of this identification.
    c. Discuss the expected profit margin for the industry (be sure to support your findings).
    d. Provide an in-depth discussion of your location preferences.
    i. Provide city data.
    ii. Provide pertinent demographic data within the selected area.
    iii. Provide a detailed list of the advantages and disadvantages of the selected location.

Sample Solution