1. Do you define yourself as social entrepreneur? Why? 2. How did you come with the idea of your social business? 3. How did you stan? 4. Did you prepare business plan? 5. What challenges did you face? How did you override challenges? 6. What incentives did you receive? 7. liow did you recruit the right people to work for your social business? S. What are the legal issues that you had to face thus far? 9. Has the Saudi government been supportive of your venture? 10. How do you market your business to potential customers? i. Did other stakeholder/ society /government supported your business
  2. Do you think SE is important for the Saudi Vision 2030,future? 13. What are the challenges facing social entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia? 14. What must be development strategics for social entrepreneurs? 15. What is the added value of SE? 16. Do you think you have social impact? Do you measure your social impact? 12. Do you have another job? Have you created a profitable business? If yes, How can you balance both? 18. What advice do you give to future social entrepreneurs?




Sample Solution