Write a 2-3 page paper on a recent environmental disaster (NOT a natural disaster). Diagrams and illustrations can be used but must be referenced in the body of the paper and added to the end of the paper as an appendix (does not count towards the total page count). This paper should be divided into 3 sections. • Section 1: (~1 page) Provide background information, a detailed account of the events, and any measures used to mitigate the problem. Please only use FACTS in Section 1. • Section 2: (1-2 pages) Provide YOUR assessment of how the problem may have been prevented and perhaps, better managed. Support your opinion using environmental concepts from this class. • Section 3: References. Provide APA references for Sections 1 and 2. Examples of recent environmental problems in the US, are: Mineral (heavy metal) mine spill into the Colorado River, Gulf coast dead zone, Pacific garbage patch, Picher Oklahoma lead poisoning, Gulf coast oil spill, Toxic plume in Irag (sulfur mine), Algae bloom in Florida, Dead fish in Vietnam




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